Auditions can be though. Especially if they do not go very well. We all know the feeling of an unsuccessful audition and the self-doubt that seems to linger long after.

Musicians have a tendency to measure their self esteem from their auditioning results. Which are not a good idea, at all.

Of course we all want to succeed. But there are a billion reasons why you did not succeed in your last audition and you could only control like, five, of them. So stop blaming yourself and keep your head up. It is not your fault that the head of the jury is having troubles at home, or has an headache or did not have their coffee yet.

There are as many ideas of the perfect audition as there are juries, and trying to fitting into every box of every jury can be very tiring. You might as well play like you want to, and maybe someone will like you for who you are, not who you are trying to be.

The best you can do for your self is to stop making the results from auditions a part of your self worth. Why? Because, here is a secret: You are equally much worth no matter how you last audition was. You can still be a successful musician and you can still bring loads of joy into peoples lives by playing or singing.


Don’t believe me? Here are two articles for you to read:


No one passes second round in Vienna Philharmonic


Steven Isserlis listening to audition tapes

Is it just me or is this really shocking? I know that the orchestras wants only the best musicians, but this is just insane. If there aren’t any good enough musicians on this planet, what are they going to do? Search on other planets?


Please, please, please do not make the juries decide if you are going to feel good about yourself or not. You will always be amazing no matter what happens in your auditions. Keep on going, you have so much to give to the world. I believe in you!