Sometimes in life we start to question ourselves. Is this really the path I want to go? As a creative freelancer I ask myself this quite a lot. My profession does takes a lot of work, and sometimes I don’t get much reward. I am dependent on making my practicing the reward in its self.

However, there are one thing you can do if you have no clue what to do with your life.

Look inwards.

Inside of you there is a small voice that knows what you really want. It is not always easy to hear, it might not be very loud and strong. The world can easily silence it or it can drown it other peoples wishes and demands.

Very important: Do not ask other people around you what to do with your life. They don’t know, so they’re bound to give the wrong answer. Also, if you follow along other peoples advice, then you can blame them instead of yourself if it goes wrong.

No, you have to ask yourself.

So how do you ask yourself this, and more importantly; how do you know the answer?


There are several ways of doing this.

One is to sit in silence, maybe while you are meditating, and just listen to your soul. It might take time, your inner voice may be very shy or very soft. But give it a chance to come to life. Because it won’t talk to you if you don’t give it the chance. So take some time to sit in silence, preferably every day for a period, and truly listen. You might be surprised.

The other way of doing this is to lay down and relax completely. Make yourself so relaxed that you feel your body becoming warm and you mind starting to calm down. You can use a body scan app for this or just meditate for a while. Then ask yourself the big question. You know what it is, the big one that keeps coming at night when you can’t sleep or in the moments when you doubt yourself. Ask the question very clearly and then get on with your day. The answer will come to you, when you are busy doing other things or just riding the bus. The answer will come, so keep an eye out for it and make sure you listen when it does.


PS: The answer you get might not be what you think it is! Don’t be intimidated, this is just your inner voice trying to help you on the right track. And the right track is not always what we think it is.