I grew up in the oldest Baptist church in Grand Rapids, MI,where I put the first (and only, to the best of my knowledge) drummer onstage when I was 18.   Then I spent 17 years at a charismatic church, playing in a praise band back when there were hardly any around (1978), then spent 11 years running the Sunday band at a tiny little megachurch.  Well, it wasn't so tiny by the time I left, despite my best efforts. 

I finally wore out on it all, and now I simply commune with nature on Sunday mornings, and make up whatever I feel like believing!  God speaks to me through the birds, and I've come to see the Bible as a living thing that means one thing one day and another the next, depending on what's convenient for me, and....hm?  Oh - sorry...must have dozed off and channeled Walter Wink.

I go to a small storefront church because there are lots of people I know, the teaching is wonderful, and the praise band usually doesn't rehearse.  If that sounds a little mid-lifey, a little crisis-of-faithy, well, I'm 52.  I have a surfboard I've fallen off many times, but never stood up on, a big, loud black and chrome motorcycle that I've never fallen off of (or stood up on, come to think of it), and which I openly flaunt in front of my other middle-aged friends, and I can play Santo & Johnny's 'Sleepwalk' all the way through.  I teach guitar and piano now in a local music store, survived the raising of five daughters, and want very, very badly to play guitar in Brian Wilson's band.

I love musicians, so let's talk.  I hope you hang around, and we can all get to know each other a little.  I'm planning to launch some workshops on practical, sleeves-rolled-up type topics - things I learned in the trenches that I think can be of benefit.  (To keep up with the demands of the big church job, I really did figure out how to get it done quickly!)  For those of you who live in West Michigan, I'll keep you posted on those in case they look interesting to you.  Watch out too for some down-loadable stuff, as the blog grows.